Panasonic Is Going to Extend Its Business in India

The Panasonic Company has reported its plan to launch the local manufacture of fridges and widen its research and development range in India.

Panasonic and “Angry Birds” Movie Work Together

Panasonic and Sony Pictures companies decided to continue effective cooperation regarding the favourite “Angry Birds” movie. On the occasion of this animation appearing on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital platforms the exclusive models of Panasonic batteries were released in an updated Angry Birds design.

A New LUMIX DMC-LX15 for a Creative Photographer

The Panasonic Co. announced a compact LUMIX DMC-LX15 camera possessing 1" MOS-sensor with 20 megapixel resolution, a new LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens with F1.4 rapidity, 4K support and a wide range of possibilities for creativity.

Panasonic Developed the First IPS Panel with a Contrast Factor Exceeding 1 000 000:1

Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co has developed a new IPS panel model with an incredibly high contrast factor exceeding 1 000 000:1. Advanced light modulation cells provide strict control over each pixel lighting.

Which? Called Panasonic the “Most Reliable” and “Best Brand Overall”

According to the Which? survey, conducted in August 2016, Panasonic products are the most troubleproof devices, and the Panasonic Company is the best and the most reliable brand overall due to its cordless telephones.

Healthy Living with a Powerful MX-ZX1800 Blender by Panasonic

Nowadays it’s fashionable to lead a healthy life, and it is much easier when you possess a reliable “helper” near at hand. This function can be successfully performed by the stylish MX-ZX1800, a powerful blender by Panasonic, which is able to fit any modern kitchen design.

A Power Supply Station from Panasonic and Snakes in Central Myanmar

Annually poisonous snakes bite about 15,000 residents of the Dry Zone in central Myanmar. Circa 300 people die. That’s why the MFL foundation, Thailand, helps local communities by supplying snake serum in little coolers, manufactured by the foundation engineers.

Eco-friendly Energy from Panasonic

Being an electronic devices producer, the Panasonic Company tries to develop environmentally friendly solutions regarding energy. That is why one of the research issues, Panasonic is considering, is hydrogen energy.

A New OLED 4K TV from Panasonic

Officially, the Panasonic Company hasn’t named its next OLED model, but we can suppose, that a new 4K UHD product release is expected. Modern Panasonic models of OLED 4K TVs may be called amazing due to their stylishness and high level of video display performance.

Eluga Prim by Panasonic

The Panasonic Corporation produces a wide range of electronic devices, including smartphones. The newest mobile product by Panasonic is the Eluga Prim, released in December 2016.

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